Paper Show 2015 : annual edition another great success!

The 19th edition of the Bosta Paper Show took place on Sunday 25th and Monday 26th of January 2015. Some 1,250 visitors found their way to the Brabanthal in Leuven/Louvain, the traditional backdrop for this trade fair. Whereas, before, the fair used to be a bi-annual affair, Bosta, in response to exhibitor demand, set about organizing this edition just a year later. Proof if proof is needed that stationery products and office supplies remain relevant and need a platform even in this digital day and age.

Representative reflection

Booths for the Paper Show sold out in record time, with no fewer than 80 exhibitors looking for a platform to shine a light on their current bestsellers and upcoming novelties. All in all a diverse offer, ranging from school articles and office supplies to greeting cards and gifts… Household names and newcomers alike, companies both big ànd small, every exhibitor contributed to this fine mix of enterprises and products, a true reflection of the industry.

Everyone’s a VIP

The Paper Show not only allows manufacturers to showcase their products, it also encourages people to do business and network in a friendly, relaxed environment. Booth holders treated visitors to checkbooks with unique promotions, valid only during the fair. Additionally, five filled out checks were drawn each day, with winners returning home with some great prizes (castle weekend, wellness, gastronomical dinner). Visitors were obviously pampered all around, since the Paper Show is a free fair with many added bonuses, from free parking and catering to children’s entertainment and day care.

Sponsoring Simbahuis

Temporary day care for the children was traditionally provided by Bosta itself (popular games, balloon clown, crazy hairstyles...) in collaboration with the staff of SOS kinderdorpens (active handicrafts workshop), with proceeds going to the Simbahuis project. For many years now, Bosta has been a sponsor of this organization dedicated to providing vulnerable children with a home and a future. Bosta handed over a check worth 11,000 Euros to Kim Gevaert, ambassador of SOS Kinderdorpen. A very neat amount which Bosta and a great many generous exhibitors collected for charity.

Lancement officiel Responsible Office

An important theme of the Paper Show 2015 was the launch of Responsible Office: the online platform for eco-friendly products in the stationery & office-supply business. Its intention is to provide a channel for information and to play a mediating role between the industry and the government. In doing so, Responsible Office meets federal and regional governments’ requests to have 100 % sustainable operations in place by the year 2020. The website’s aim is to better synchronize supply and demand of sustainable products. Only objective criteria are used to determine whether products are eligible. At the time of writing these criteria are linked to five official certificates in particular: Der Blaue Engel, FSC, PEFC, Nordic Swan and NF Afnor.

Winners Cheque Book Action

Just one year after the previous edition, Paper Show 2015 again proved an unprecedented success.

An annual tradition which we are looking forward to repeating in 2016. We are eagerly anticipating the massive response of exhibitors and visitors alike.

Paper Show Awards: and the winners are…

Over sixty manufacturers competed for the Paper Show awards, putting forward products which raised the bar in the domains of innovation, ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics and environmental friendliness. The trade jury awarded prizes to products in six categories:

1. Office machines :
ESSELTE – Leitz Icon Smart Labeling system 
An ingenious labeling system which allows you to wirelessly print labels using a free app, available for Apple and Android. You manage the printer with your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. The Icon is compatible with Mac, Windows and iOS. Connecting via Wi-Fi, USB or your network is fast and easy. The machine’s ease of use is stunning – cartridges can be replaced in a jiffy – and it is truly versatile: labels in different materials (paper, plastic, die cut…) and sizes from 12 mm to 88 mm wide and up to 2.7 m long! The Leitz Icon Smart Labeling system is a looker, too, with great design, and extremely fast to boot (churning out 200 labels a minute). You can take this labeling system literally anywhere thanks to an external battery pack and built-in Wi-Fi.

2. Office supplies :
EDDING LEGAMASTER – Customized printed whiteboards
Whiteboards in lacquered steel, which can be customized with a design of your choice: pictures, text, logos, you name it. And you need only order one copy to begin with! Customers can choose from pre-printed designs (sports, education…) or provide their own graphic designs. The whiteboards are available in sizes from 30 by 40 to 90 by 120 centimeters. They are magnetic, writable and dry-erasable. In short: image and functionality combined into one stunning design.

3. Stationery products :
ATOMA – Notebook PUR 
Atoma entered into a successful partnership with Ruitertassen, manufacturer of genuine leather bags which were tanned in an eco-friendly way. The PUR Notebook sports a cover in velvety cowhide leather, aluminum rings and cream-coloured quality paper, the ultimate must-have for lovers of discreet luxury.

4. Writing utensils :
BIC – 4 Couleurs Grip Stylus
The refillable ball pen with stylus is a fabulous addition to the Bic range. As implied by the name, this ball pen holds four ink colours. The ergonomical body and grip zone ensure a writing experience that is both pleasant and comfortable. The stylus enables you to type, swipe and navigate (on) your Smartphone or tablet with ease. Bic combines the best of both worlds into this very affordable product.

5. Greeting cards :
DEPESCHE – cartes 3D
3D greeting cards are all the rage. They bring happiness to the old and the young by delivering a striking three-dimensional twist on those well-loved traditional greetings. Depesche offers a wide range of sizes and models, featuring funny or serene quotes, for àny occasion.

6. Eco :
DF.O. BAGS – Satch-The School Backpack
Over the past five years, Fond Of Bags processed no less than 32 million PET bottles into its backpacks! The company manufactures excellent quality and trendy lightweight backpacks in striking fashion colours, with very little impact on the environment. The winning model was made from PET bottles, allowing it to bear the bluesign® label.


4P : Arteel nv
A.T. CROSS : Clips nv - Dominiek De Pauw
DURABLE : Phenix - Levy
ESSELTE : Arpaca - Mrs Vandewalle
KTC PROCURA : Ingelberts - Wouters Orpha


ECLIPSE CARDS : Paca Giftshop - Nancy Van Gestel
ESSELTE : Libr. Atmosphère - Christian Levrie
HAMELIN : Pap. Ballieu - Jean-Luc Ballieu
HOEX : Libr. Ste Véronique - Chetoui Hafid
VANOK : Top Offcie shop - Hilde Cools