Paper Show 2017:
Household name, new look

Everyone agrees: Bosta’s Paper Show has been a household name for quite some time now. Not surprising, considering how the trade show has just finished its 21st edition! The traditional setting for the event, which took place on 22 and 23 January, was the Brabanthal in Leuven. This year, however, the exhibition dazzled everyone with a cool new makeover – almost as cool as the freezing temperatures outside.

Paper Show 2018
A superlative edition

With the Brabanthal bursting at the seams, the Bosta Paper Show took place at the Nekkerhal in Mechelen on 21 and 22 January for the first time in its history. While the move to a new location was necessary, it also reframed the trade show in an open and spacious atmosphere. The visitor flow was optimal, booth visibility was perfect and the innovations went down a treat!

Big turnout, perfect exhibition layout

In terms of turnout, this edition equalled last year’s topper with nearly 1500 visitors. The big difference, however, lay in the number of participating booths and exhibitors. No less than 725 exhibitors took part, spread out across 105 booths - the largest number ever. Exhibition space totalled about 4,450 square metres. Thanks to the Nekkerhal’s spacious, open and vertical lay-out, the booths stood out better, and the visitors could move around more freely.

Logistics on wheels

As always, the organization provided excellent catering, with a pleasant restaurant at the back of the hall and a variety of drink booths on the sides. The exhibitors had their own restaurant facilities, where they could enjoy a tasty lunch at affordable prices. Logistics ran smoothly thanks to the trade show’s great accessibility, endless parking space, large registration desk and separate cloakroom.

Tradition and innovation under one roof

Some innovations were introduced on top of the trade show makeover:

·       a separate seating area for the press and a Responsible Office at the information booth;

·       a camera-fitted drone to film 360-degree footage of the trade show;

·       two extra Awards categories: crea/hobby and leather goods/school bags.

As before, the aim of the trade show was to bring together suppliers and retail buyers in a professional, yet casual environment, shining a light on existing product ranges and innovations and raising money for SOS Children’s Villages. In the end, Bosta handed over a check for 13,500 euros: a thousand euros more than last year! The money will help the Simbahuis with their continued efforts to support children from vulnerable backgrounds.

Awards and prizes

Traditionally, innovative exhibitors were fêted during the Awards ceremony. 90 exhibitors competed for the title in 8 categories:

office machines, office supplies, stationery products, writing utensils, greeting cards, hobby-crea, leather goods and Responsible Office. Two iPhone X smartphones were raffled among the visitors, with Danneels NV from Poperinge (at the Brepols booth), and Agora Copy from Flémalle (via Doculine) emerging as winners.

The Paper Show 2018 offered its exhibitors and visitors everything from the previous editions and more. The decision to relocate to the Nekkerhal was a tactical and successful move. Work on a repeat success for 2019 begins now!

Paper Show Awards : Honouring the pioneers and front runners

Bosta organizes the Paper Show Awards in collaboration with trade magazine Script. A professional jury selected winning products in 8 categories:

1.    office machines

2.    office supplies

3.    stationery products

4.    writing utensils

5.    greeting cards

6.    hobby & crea

7.    leather goods and school bags

8.    Responsible Office

The awards crowned products which have raised the bar in several domains: from innovation and design, via ergonomics and creativity, to environmental friendliness and functionality.

1. Office machines: HP Sprocket photo printer (Despec Benelux)

Despec took the prize with an innovative gem by HP: a wireless printer, conveniently pocket-sized. In terms of functionality, the device is not unlike a Polaroid. The printer has a robust design, uses 'zero ink' paper and communicates via Bluetooth 3.0. You can charge it via an outlet or your computer. Sporting smartphone connectivity, this printer moves with and ahead of the times - a sought-after gadget for the mobile generation.

2. Office supplies: Staedtler Noris digital

The product name refers to Staedtler’s iconic yellow-black pencil. On the surface, it looks just like an ordinary pencil; in terms of functionality, however, it matches the S Pen: Samsung's input tool.  Staedtler Noris Digital is the result of a successful collaboration between Staedtler and Samsung. It marries the pleasing feel and grip of an analogue pencil with S Pen Stylus technology. Its inductive pen, made of Wopex material, allows you to write directly on the display of your smartphone, tablet or notebook.  

3. Stationery products: Whynote (Artoz)

Whynote - distributed exclusively by Artoz - is a revolutionary notepad that combines the advantages of a whiteboard with those of a notepad. With the accompanying, eraser-tipped pen you can easily erase your text, effectively providing you with a never-ending notebook. The reusable notepad comes in A5 and pocket sizes, and in checkered, lined or plain versions. For the cover, you can choose from different finishings, ranging from bold black to playful prints. In addition to being super convenient, Whynote is also ecologically sound: the marker can be washed off with water, and the notepad is made with responsible paper sources. Whynote is manufactured in Switzerland by prisoners. Social engagement, thrown into the bargain.

4. Writing utensils: Staedtler concrete pen

Staedtler won another award for the Concrete Pen, that - what’s in an name - features a concrete body. By definition, the poured concrete gives the pen a unique appearance. In addition, the writing instrument acquires a nice patina because the material fades and weathers with time. Making a pen out of concrete is not an obvious choice. Yet it doesn’t feel heavy at all and fits the hand comfortably. The choice for concrete was inspired by the material’s increasing use in architecture and design. A must-have treat for trend-sensitive people!

5. Greeting cards: Voucher card envelope (Eurostyle)

Eurostyle’s voucher cards and envelopes are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of their recipients. The beautifully printed cover comes in countless designs and includes a voucher card that you can fill in to your heart's content. Every year, Eurostyle brings different collections of the greeting card to market - often linked to holidays, seasons or other occasions. The largest size has been around for three years; the smaller size is brand new.

6. Hobby & crea: Polaroid Play 3D Pen (Verhaak)

This 3D pen from Polaroid - exclusively distributed by Verhaak in Belgium and the Netherlands - looks like a glue gun and works by heating. Instead of glue, you use filaments: biodegradable corn-derived threads, available in 20 colours. This innovative pen allows you to draw horizontally and vertically, and with some practice, you can turn out some pretty spectacular designs. If you a need a hand, templates help you on your way. The pen literally adds a completely new dimension to drawing, a fun way to create 3D masterpieces. A clever gift for all creative minds, great and small

7. Leather goods and school bags: Fond Of Satch Match

The German Fond of GmbH are deserved winners in the school bags category with their Satch Mach Backpack for 9- to 14-year olds. The bag, which comes in different designs and sizes, not only looks cool and trendy, it’s packed with features. Ergonomically, the bag is unrivaled. It is height-adjustable and evenly distributes the pressure across the back, shoulders and pelvis. Made from recycled PET bottles, it is durable as well. Road safety also comes into play. Reflective strips, subtly incorporated into the design, make the wearer stand out in traffic situations. The backpack also features separate compartments for whatever pupils are supposed to drag along with them to school these days: from books, laptops and organizers to bicycle helmets.

8. Responsible Office: Thermal cash register rolls (Exacompta)

Let’s face it, a thermal cash register roll sounds hardly exciting. Yet, this Exacompta version features a unique innovation. The paper is FSC-certified, and the roll does not contain phenol: a substance that is really detrimental to people and the environment. This product actually exceeds the legal requirements. The thermal cash register roll isn’t Exacompta’s first foray into durability, however. Ecology is firmly in the company’s DNA, as it constantly strives to minimize the footprint of its production and business processes.